Carol Cline’s Potty Training in 3 Days Method

The Carol Cline 3 days potty training method is probably one of the most popular tools which parents go to when it comes to toilet training their child.

start potty trainingThe method works just aswell, whether you’re looking to start potty training boys or you’re looking for a method on how to start potty training a toddler girl.

The whole secret, if you ask me is, the preparing before you actually start.

If you have everything set up and ready, potty training will be surprisingly easy to do. I know for a fact that this method for toddler toilet training explained on Project Potty Training. Jennifer Morgan‘s website. When it comes to tips on starting potty training, Jenny is one of the few people out there who really delivers on the goods.

It’s actually pretty simple.

On day 1 you kinda’ get your child familiar with the bathroom, the whole potty routine and with patience and perseverance you try to teach him or her to use the potty for peeing and pooping.

Of course the whole methodology is a little bit more complex, but that’s the core of Carol’s training.

In fact here’s a video explaining more:

Second day is almost the same, only this time you come more prepared because of what you’ve learned on day 1. The 3rd day I think is the most crucial. On this day your child you’ll either do everything perfectly or it’s back to square on. If you find yourself in the second situation, do not despair. Keep working at it and continue with a positive, reinforcing attitude towards your child.

He will get there eventually.